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If Your Path Is More Difficult, It Is Because Your Calling Is Higher

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

The world is full of diverse individuals. No two people have the exact same strength, weaknesses, experiences or capabilities. There are so many ups and downs, spirals and turns on this journey we call life.

Watch out for patterns. Right now, what is it that life is teaching you? Is it to let go of fear and attachment? Is it to demonstrate compassion in a place of jealousy? Maybe it is to forgive instead of hating.

What I do know is God will not allow us to go through a struggle we are not able to handle; he has proved this to me time and time again. Many times, I thought the situation what I was facing was more than I could handle, I was ready to give up and saw absolutely NO light at the end of the tunnel. When you feel alone, pray. At the end of every challenge we face, we become stronger.

Be ready for the test. When God sees your power of FAITH is higher than most people have, He will raise up your CAREER, your RESPONSIBILITY and your PROSPERITY. When you become stronger than before, the hard times you are facing will seem minor because you now see challenges as stepping stone; not stumbling block. If you get a higher calling, don't get frustrated about it because not all people will receive a higher calling like what you received, you just need to enjoy the process and surrender the result to God.

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