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A Mother's Love

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Four of my favorite humans stand shoulder height to me. They can drive me to my limits and test my patience then in another second they melt my soul. They are my little boys, my whole world.

I may never know what it means to mother a girl. To buy tiny hair bows, Barbie dolls, or lace socks. To have a forever manicure and hair appointment companion. But my heart will know the love and loyalty that I get from my little guys. My heart swells tremendously every time I think about the blessing I received to raise four Kings. The blessings is both remarkable and petrifying. There are moments I lie in bed worrying over the world my sons were brought into.  As their mother, it’s my responsibility to raise them to be respectable, humble and strong men of the future. ⠀

It means allowing for failure and then emotion. Ensuring each failure has a lesson that is learned from it. It means modeling strong and healthy relationships. Nurturing their intellect. Embracing the running, throwing, jumping and wrestling.  It means trying new things and stepping out of my own comfort zone as I try to relate and stay relevant in their lives. Always being a positive role model and a good person in their lives.  Above all, it means making sure they know God and showing them complete and unconditional love.

When I look at their face, I see happiness and pure innocence. I see young men who will make me proud beyond words one day. Eventually the day will come when they will start a new chapter in their lives and move away from home. Until that time comes, I want to teach them so many things about life. I want to teach them how to be gentle. To have their own voice. I want them to learn how to compete without having to compare. I want them to always see individuals for who they are on the inside. To never put others down. I'll be my sons' biggest fan. For now, I plan to hold them in my arms for as long as I can.

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