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A Lipstick Lover's Wonderland

Lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting

There is always a good reason to wear a lipstick, my favorite go-to shade is red. Whether it's date night with the hubby, a girls night out or to just feel seductive.

Back in March while I was in New York City, I was able to visit Bite Beauty Lip Lab. For those who have not yet heard of Lip Lab, the establishment allows customers to create their own custom lipstick while in the store.

With summer right around the corner, I would love to be back at Lip Lab creating new gorgeous summer lipstick colors.

Let's talk about the atmosphere which was incredible! Soon as I walked into the store, I was immediately greeted with a smile and warm welcome from the Lip Lab specialist.

Every color imaginable was displayed on the walls to choose from as a base. For those who would rather skip the lipstick making experience and quickly grab a shade already made, that option is also available.

The Fun Part

While you are seated at the consultation bar in front of the makeup artist, you choose your base colors to start with. Each base color can be customized into several other shades. The lady who helped us made the experience over the top. We were able to create different shades that were within our normal comfort zone as well as something over the top to create and try on for fun. Of course I stuck with my “old faithful” and created a knockout bright red matte lipstick.

I think besides mixing the colors, my other favorite part was choosing the scent to have added in my lipstick. Decisions, decisions right? As if deciding on a shade wasn't stressful enough. Some of the options were vanilla, cherry, strawberry, lavender, lemon and lime.

On a regular day, I would never spend $60 on one tube of lipstick. However, the experience itself was enjoyable and something I had always wanted to try. I can honestly say I left there with dazzling lips and a smile on my face, I highly recommend checking Bite Beauty Lip Lab out.

Finished Product

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